Yes You Can

A spoken word poetry by chinstell (Felix Aneta Chineye)

I never expected to be awoken.
The belly of his thoughts from whence I came forth caused me neither joy nor hurt
But it wasn’t until the beginning of the beginning that the beginning began
So, with his hands against which I offer no resistance,I was created, I was formed, I was awoken.
My name is earth.

With the passage of time the world has evolved.
But you, yes! Man! Whom he created in the sixth has failed to resolve to assume your role as man forgetting that yes you can subdue me.
Oh! This is pathetic to know that strategic plans of the evil him seems to thrive while man continues daily in strife.
Oh! How I ache! That man makes a routine of his mistakes! Yes yes I’ve been cursed for your sake! But my fullness is he’s.
He whom you’ve forsaken, with whom a relationship you keep faking, oblivious of the fact that he is the only one who can destroy, bake give, take, break and make.

Of the estimated 7 billion people that inhibit me, earth, only a miserable few have attmpted to change this pattern.
While others, I mean you, have shortchanged yourselves in the scheme of things by taking the back seat as spectators when you should be on the front stage as actors.
Your rehearsals are enough! When would you execute that plan you’ve had in mind before you could spell the word ‘rough’ ?
I know, I know, you’re waiting for sufficient funds and the right time.
But I beseech you, work while it is day because it would soon be night time.

I say this because I’m richer than you could ever think, gifted in areas you could never imagine and let this sink- I have ideas that are beyond amazing.
The source of my wealth? You of course! You who have buried your gifts, talents, values and calling like the slave in the scripture and have let the times make your life a caricature.

Dare to believe that you are different and dare to be different as you live.
For you might live a full life, reaching and even exceeding the estimated life expectancy of your race but what is fullness if you die living this world intact, the way you met it when you came in – shook no grounds, broke no boundaries.
Two is better than one but it first takes one to reach out to the other.
So here’s the impact of one –
Through one Adam did sin spread
Through one Noah was a race spared.
Through one Jesus are we all saved.
Through one you can there be a change.
Dare to believe that you are different and dare to be different as you live.
Dare to believe that you are differen and date to be different as you live.

Posted by chinstell


2 responses to “Yes You Can

  1. sharp!

  2. Wonderful!

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