Ponder and Pour out > Do All Dreams Come True?

Have you ever had a frightful dream? One that involved a fire, an accident, a storm, loss of properties or a loss of the life of a dear one?

What about a beautiful dream? One in which you saw yourself in the spotlight, receiving all the attention- but our beautiful fairy tale dream gets interrupted by someone, something, somehow-.

Here’s the big question. Do all dreams come true? Do dreams represent a hidden truth? Do they serve as a warning for an impending event? In fact, why do we dream? What are the common dream symbols that have a general meaning? (some say seeing a snail in the dream represents sluggishness and slow progress)
Hey you! How much do you know about dreams?

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4 responses to “Ponder and Pour out > Do All Dreams Come True?

  1. Not all drms cm true..some r warnings…y some r jst a result of wat u often tink about or do

  2. We have dreams for several reasons. They may come as a result of what we have been thinking all day or before we slept . They may also come as God’s warning of impending danger. They may come as information or instructions about something going to happen in future. At other times the devil may use dreams to decieve people.in the bible we have references of Joseph the dreamer, Daniel who interpreted the kings dreams and many others. Todays world is so full of deceit. If we have any dream we should pray about it and ask God to guide us. We must never depend on dreams or people’s interepretation no matter who they are or what the dream was. God is the answer to every life problem here below. If u have Jesus in ur life then u sure wouldn’t worry about dreams. You’d pray when u have any.

  3. weldone dear

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