The Heat in Kenya

In Kenya, an attack on a popular shopping mall, Westgate Shopping Center, has thrown the country into a state of Pandemonium. This attack started on Saturday the 21st of September, and before dawn today, gunshots from the attackers were still heard.

The 10-15 attackers were alleged to be militants from the Somali Al-Shabab movement, a fraction of the Al- Qaeda network. The group stated that the killings was nothing to be compared to what Muslims in Somalia experience from Kenyan invaders. They also accused the Kenyan government of continuing to massacre innocent Muslims in their country. They threatened to attack further if Nairobi did not pull it’s troops out of Somalia. To effect their attack, grenades and assault rifles were used.

At least 68 casualties have been recorded with over 170 people injured. Among the dead were the nephew of Kenya’s president and his fiancee, the popular Ghanian poet, Kofi Kwoonor, some French, Britons, Indians, Canadians and Chinese. Kenyans have appealed to the populace to donate blood to the injured and the US president has pledged their support for Kenya in rooting out the militants.

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3 responses to “The Heat in Kenya

  1. dats vry informative. I wish al dese guys wud undastnd dat dey re dealin with lifes.

  2. i thot dis only happens in d muveez…i wish dem fbi agents n CIA wuld save d day like dey do in hollywood…above all na God get mouth pass!

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