Ponder and Pour Out > What Drives Your Life?

Each life is driven by a force. Most are driven by fear, guilt, resentment and anger while some others are driven by materialism and the need for approval.

Some, fortunately or unfortunately, are driven by success and personal goals and pressure.

A change must be effected if that drive is anything close to negative.
So, here lies the question we all must answer sincerely; what drives your life?

(The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren)

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3 responses to “Ponder and Pour Out > What Drives Your Life?

  1. That’s a very huge question, althou wat keeps me going is not jst the fact that I need to live right, but also 2 keep a gud legacy…but there are more 2 it..!

    • Thanks for commenting, Rasaq.
      As mentioned in the post, we are all driven by a force, negative or positive, consciously, or unconsciously.
      According to Rick Warren, our life should be driven by nother other than purpose- God’s purpose for our lives and the following are the benefits of living a purpose driven life:
      Your life would have a meaning, your life becomes more focused, your life is motivated and your purpose prepares you for eternity.
      I’m glad you added ‘but there’s more to it’ when u said you were driven by leaving a good legacy because ‘leaving to create an earthly legacy is a short-sighted goal. A wiser use of time is to build an eternal legacy’ – Rick Warren.

  2. wow dat’s a tough one, but interesting. Well, to be honest with u and myself, I would say i’m not driven by anything. Am not that kinda fussy, I don’t really care. But somehow I have the urge to be a better person and to serve mankind with love, respect, loyalty etc… despite all the discouragements i get from people, by their manky acts, I still have the ambition to help and establish schools, hospitals and homes for the orphan boys and girls… After all, everything that we enjoy using today, like electricity, aeroplane, phone, computer etc. They were all invented by someone. And those people are human beings not animals. But anyways, just to cut it short, it’s all a matter of privilege… Wonderful work u’re doing Chinstell. Bless u.

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