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The search for the purpose of life puzzled many for thousand of years. The reason for this is because people start this search at the wrong point- themselves, ourselves. We ask self-centred questions like ‘what are my gifts, goals, ambition, dreams…’ But the purpose of life is far more that our personal choices and desires.

Our life’s true purpose can never be found by ‘searching inward’. Instead, focusing on
God and starting with Him reveals who we are and why we exist because we were made ‘by Him and for Him’ – Colossians 1:16. We didn’t create ourselves so we cannot tell ourselves what we were created for.
If an invention we had never seen was handed us, we wouldn’t know its purpose, neither would the invention be able to tell. Only the owner’s manual could reveal its purpose. Likewise, only our creator, God, can reveal the purpose for which we were created.

We have two options to discover our life’s purpose. The first is speculation. However, this is what most people choose so they come up with mere guesses on the reason for their being. It is like someone who is ignorant of the purpose of a phone but just guesses it is an ornament and hangs it on the wall. That ‘guess’ under-utilises the benefits of that invention and ultimately destroys its purpose.

The second option is revelation. The easiest way to find out the purpose of a thing is to ask the creator of it. Luckily, God has revealed the five purposes of our lives through the Bible. It explains why we are alive; the purpose of our existence. Since God’s the source of our lives and not just a part of it, to discover our purpose in life, we must ask Him

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3 responses to “Blank Canvass > What Is The Purpose Of life?

  1. nice post chinstell.. we can ask God tru prayers

    • Well, prayer plays a big part in the discovery of our purpose but mainly, we need knowledge, we need revelation. The five purposes for which we were created was explained in the book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It is ‘the best-selling non-fiction hard-back book in history’ – The Publishers. Weekly.

      Basically, the book has fourty chapters to be read in fourty days and sincerly, a lot of truths about man and God’s purpose for you is found in it.
      So, I greatly reccommend that you read it.

  2. nice post chinstell…… we can ask God questions in prayer

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