Airtel’s New Status

At the Incubator Center, Victoria Island, Lagos, Airtel Nigeria was named the Most Innovative Telecoms Operator in the country. The Industry Award Event also awarded Airtel as the Best Customer Service Operator.

Airtel is a Telecommunications Company that was launched in November 2010 after acquiring Zain for $10.7 billion. Since then, the Company has been making giant strides in the sector.
Among the many recorded achievements of the Telecommunications Company was it’s network which had expanded to 3.75G, high definition (HD) voice service, and the 5x offer which it first introduced and was quickly imitated by other network providers.

The Company was represented by it’s Chief Executive Officer, Segun Ogunsanya and the event was chaired by Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.

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  1. wow, I never knew about this, thank u for keeping me posted Chinstel.. Interesting.

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