Pounder and Pour out > Why Do We Take Alcohol?

The intake of alcohol is affected by different factors including culture, health, religion and personal values.

Do you take alcohol? Why do you take or not take it?
Are there any benefits to its intake?
Are there harmful effects?
Is it wrong to take alcohol?

Let us know your view on alcoholic beverages. The mic’s yours.

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4 responses to “Pounder and Pour out > Why Do We Take Alcohol?

  1. I think its because they wanna have dutch courage so as to face what ever it is thEy are naturally afraid of and some just to showcase their class of wealth

  2. Studies have shown that alchohol consumption could damage your liver. Other obvious disadvantages would be; the risk of having a hangover, the chance of making a fool of yourself in public if you get drunk etc.

  3. Studies have shown that achohol consumption could cause harm to your liver. The other obvious disadvantages include; dependence, hangovers, the risk of making a fool of yourself in public and so on.

  4. Nice topic…..alcohol is consumed mostly by guys,but with various reasons….some take alcohol for funssome take it as a result of depression,some take it for the benefits like boldness,agility,mental functionality and some other personal benefits(thiss only works when taken moderately),while some addicts take it irrespective of any mood….the point here is that alccohol serve some limited benefits,but these benefits are best realised when taken moderately….Heavy drinkers find it uncontrollable not knowing that it kills them gradually…too mucch of everything is bad…..I embracce intake of alcohol but moderately and senssibly.THANKS

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