O’levels leading to higher levels.

The results of the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by the National Examination Council (NECO) has been released.

Breaking this news on Thursday, the 19th of September 2013, was the Registrar / Chief Executive Officer of the Council, Professor Promise Okpala, from Minna, Niger state.

The total number of the candidates who sat for the June/July 2013 NECO examination was disclosed to be 1,034,263. The council also recorded one hundred and twenty eight (128) blind candidates.

As opposed to the results of examinations conducted by the Council for the past 3 years, the results of this year are amazing. 70 percent of students had 5 credits and above, including Mathematics and English. It was also noted that the degree of malpractice had reduced to a considerable extent.

This is pretty good news and I say ‘congratulations’ to all Nigerian students on their success. But really, I can’t help but wonder about the cause of this beautiful story.

Could it be that majority of the students had changed their minds about dishonest ways of success and had channelled their intellectual power into studying instead of thinking of ways to smuggle extraneous materials into the halls? Or had they wisely invested in past examination question booklets instead of bribing examination officers?
Maybe the students had realised the need for a supernatural hand in their studies and had consequently turned to God in prayers. Whichever the case maybe, I hope that Nigerians would keep up with it.

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