Pounder and Pour Out > Boy-Girl Switch

We daily hear the complaints. ‘He doesn’t care enough…’ ‘He’s so insensitive’, ‘he’s not a bit close to being understanding’, ‘she’s too demanding’ ‘she doesn’t have time for me’, ‘she always wants me around…’ WAIT!
Humans have this inborn need to be loved, protected and cared for and we youths have found a way to get through that by giving our hearts to one special person who ‘sweeps me of my feet’ or made our ‘heart skipped a beat’ when we first saw them.

Too bad, our prince charming turned out to be a beast while our Cinderella faces hurdles in connecting her heart to ours. So, here’s our pounder and pour out section, where we get to make me a switch. *winks*
If you were a member of the opposite sex, how would you treat a member of your original sex based on your previous experiences?
*giggles and winks* ‘can’t wait to ‘hear’ from you.

Posted by chinstell


One response to “Pounder and Pour Out > Boy-Girl Switch

  1. I will always try to make her happy

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