Life is joy

Life is pain

Life is still the same as the days of Cain

Life is dull,

Full of colour

Life is fun,

Full of horror

But whether the lanes of pains,

Plantations of tears,

The high ways of laughter,

Or the streets of gladness,

Life is how you see it

Life is a mirror of your opinions

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3 responses to “Reflections

  1. This poem, Reflections, was one of first I wrote after my discovery of my flair for poetry. It reveals the many faces of life, as seen through the different perceptions of people.
    Remember the famous story of the seven blind men and the elephant? In the end, life is how you see it. So, let us therefore embrace a positive view of the world while we daily strive towards it with the strength of the Father.

  2. Lovely blog

  3. Life has everything, d bad, d good and the ugly……. However, sorrow becomes transcient when good opportunity is utilised…….

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